Q. What is an e-book, anyway?
A. Put in short, an e-book is an electronic book in the format of a PDF. A PDF is a document that is capable of working on most, if not all, computers. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Most computers have this already!)

Every instructional e-book from Diaper Zoo has been designed with the beginner in mind. The instructional e-books are anywhere from 13 to 36 pages of very carefully put together, very clear step-by-step instructions. The steps are all accompanied by a color photograph to clearly SHOW each step! You will receive information from A to Z., beginning to end. I have even compiled a list of ingredients that you will need to get started with, all the way to putting the finishing touches on it. I break down the instructions from basic diaper rolls, to assembling the characters, to putting the finishing decorations on them. You could almost put them together by the pictures alone!

Here is an example PDF: pdf Example

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