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"Hi! My daughter is having her first baby; they say it's a boy -- October 1st. I was looking around on the Internet for some shower and unique centerpiece ideas. I was going to send for the directions to make a standard diaper cake, and then I saw your site. First I saw the giraffes and then the elephants and thought to myself they are so darned cute and different! I started thinking... I could buy the instructions to make them... And then I saw the Sock Baby and all of its accessories. My mouth dropped and I practically fell on the floor!!! My son-in-law is a commercial pilot. What better gift could I give to them, then a handmade pilot Sock Baby sitting in a Diaper Airplane? My prayers have been answered. I am so excited to find these instructions for this perfect baby keepsake. I can't wait to get started! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Valerie, Portland OR
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